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Not all Texas workplace injuries fall within the worker’s compensation system (also known as “worker’s comp”). This is because Texas is the only state in the country which does not require employers to be part of the workers comp system. Companies have the option to “opt out” and insure themselves privately. Such employers are considered to be “non-subscribers” to the system. One injured on the job, while employed by a non-subscriber, can bring a lawsuit against the company as they would in any other negligence case. Our Austin lawyers assist workers who have been injured while in the employ of such a company. Contact us today to speak with an attorney.


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Attorneys Assisting Austin Employees Injured On The Job Of A Company Without Workers’ Compensation Insurance

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Texas allows employers to not be a part of the standard workers compensation system. Such employers must carry their own insurance or some other form of liability coverage. One injured on the job of such an employer may bring a negligence action against the company in court. One of the ways that allow a Plaintiff to bring such a case is if the Plaintiff is able to show that a dangerous condition existed on the job. This dangerous condition must either be one that the employer knew about and did not correct or one that was created due to other negligence by the employer (such as having a slippery floor that was not regularly cleaned). Hiring an attorney to help the victim in such a matter is necessary as workplace injury cases usually are quite complicated.

Our Austin attorneys assist those injured on the job where their employer was not in the workers comp system. Once retained, we will immediately contact the insurance company, or the employer if they are self-insured, so that they will deal with us directly. We will acquire the records relevant to the reason for your accident. These will include accident reports, statements, video footage, maintenance records, as well as documentation related to past injuries on the job. If a settlement cannot be reached, then we will bring legal action in court for negligence. We will aggressively defend you at trial and ensure that your rights are protected. Contact us today to schedule an initial consultation with our lawyers.

Austin Injury Attorneys Providing A High Level Of Lawyer-client Communication In Workplace Injury Cases

Few things are as important to people as their job. A job provides dignity and a sense of security. The concept of a dispute with one’s employer, therefore, can be frightening. Employees facing such a situation do not need the added stress of being out of contact with their counsel. Our attorneys return all phone calls and e-mails within twenty-four hours, regularly provide clients with their cell phone numbers, and make themselves available to answer questions. Also, our workplace injury attorneys will explain complex concepts and terms to you in clear ways that you can understand. We know that you are facing a serious situation. DC Law is ready to assist you today.