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A life-changing head injury can occur within a matter of seconds.  One blow to the head can cause lasting harm. This harm may include trauma, brain damage, reduced motor skills, slurred speech, vertigo, hindered vision, etc. Those harmed by such injuries often need extensive and ongoing medical care. The victim will need to be compensated for this care as well as for the injury itself. Our Austin injury lawyers assist head injury victims throughout Texas who have been harmed due to another’s negligence. Contact our office today for a consultation with our attorneys.


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Austin Injury Attorneys Assisting People Throughout Texas Who Have Suffered a Head Injury, a Concussion, or Brain Damage

“Our goal is to help you through the process as quickly and efficiently as possible so you can focus on getting life back on track.”

Head injuries come in many shapes and sizes. These may include concussions, brain damage, skull fractures, or other traumatic harm. While the damage may be immediately apparent in some cases, there are also instances where symptoms do not become known for some time. The slow onset of symptoms can lead to situations such as premature dementia and a gradual deterioration of the victim’s life. There are, unfortunately, situations from which the victim may never recover fully. If one has suffered a blow to the head, then it is crucial that an attorney is contacted immediately.

Lawsuits concerning injury cases which stem from head injury will be filed in court with the filing of a petition. This is a formal document which names all of the defendants and states the reasons for which suit is being brought. After the defendants respond, then the Plaintiff may begin the process of acquiring additional information through a process known as “discovery”. Part of the discovery process includes gaining the opinions of medical and vocational experts. Such experts will offer conclusions as to the extent of harm inflicted and how such harm has impacted the victim’s future.

These conclusions will look at factors such as whether the victim can return to his or her traditional employment, whether a reduction in motor skills requires job retraining, or whether the victim is completely disabled. Medical experts will offer conclusions as to the need for future care, pain and suffering, and other elements of damages. If settlement cannot be reached, then the case will proceed to trial.

Dan Christensen is an Austin injury attorney who handles head trauma cases. Once retained, we will immediately contact the insurance companies so that they will deal with us directly. We will gather police reports, witness statements, and work closely with your medical providers so that your need for care can be determined. We have standing relationships with the experts necessary to analyze financial and medical harm. Once damages can be reasonably calculated, we will send a demand for payment to the insurance companies. Should the matter not settle, then we will file your petition with the  appropriate court. Our lawyers will ensure that you know what to expect as the process moves forward and that you are fully prepared during each step. We understand that you are facing a serious situation. We will focus on your case so you can focus on the business of getting life back on track.

High Quality Legal Assistance for Austin Area Head Injury Victims

We strive to provide the highest level of assistance to each of our clients. Dan is a former prosecuting attorney and military member who has more than twenty years of legal experience. Our lawyers regularly provide clients with their cell numbers and promptly return all phone calls. We provide a small firm feel while having large firm resources. By this we mean that we provide a high level of service and that our firm has the financial resources necessary to see serious harm cases through to completion. We take pride in the level of success we have had on the part of our clients. We are able to assist in head injury matters whether they are the result of an auto accident, a trucking accident, or some other type of personal injury.