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How to Drive Safely around 18 Wheelers

By | Truck Accidents

Big rigs rule the road, especially here in Texas. Transporting goods around the country, these trucks (also called 18-wheelers) are some of the largest vehicles on our highways. Driving safely around a big rig is critical, otherwise motorists can suffer life-threatening injuries in a truck accident. Below, we offer our…

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How Does an Austin Car Accident Claim Work?

By | Car Accidents

In Texas, car accident cases revolve around who is at fault for the collision. Sometimes fault is not in dispute, but in many cases each side cannot agree who is ultimately responsible for the wreck. Receiving a settlement is vital for paying your sudden medical expense and covering other economic…

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Tips on Avoiding Bicycle Accidents in Austin

By | Bicycle Accidents

Too many bicycle accidents happen in this city. Riding a bicycle is a convenient method of transportation—cheap, fast, and carbon-neutral. Unfortunately, bicyclists are exposed to all sorts of dangers. Every week we read stories of cyclists injured or even killed in bicycle accidents. It’s enough to make even a committed…

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