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What Are the Worst Insurance Companies in the US?

By | Insurance Companies

Insurance contracts should be simple—you pick out a policy and diligently pay your premiums. When an accident occurs, you submit a claim and your insurer should pay out benefits according to the terms of the policy. Unfortunately, the insurance industry routinely violates the rights of its policyholders. Things have historically…

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How to Document Your Pain and Suffering

By | Serious Injuries

Texas law allows our personal injury clients to receive compensation for certain economic losses, things like medical expenses, lost wages, and property damage. These losses are fairly easy to calculate because there is a bill or pay stub that shows how much money our clients lost. However, Texas law also…

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Challenges with Texas Wrongful Death Cases

By | Wrongful Death

A wrongful death lawsuit helps family members receive compensation when a loved one has been killed due to the wrongful act of another person. These cases are very complex, and we encourage grieving relatives to meet with an attorney to discuss whether a lawsuit is even possible. An attorney can…

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Did a Truck Driver Injure You Due to Fatigue?

By | Truck Accidents

Trucking is a stressful profession. Big rig operators are under tremendous pressure to get to their destinations on tight deadlines, and many companies encourage drivers to drive all night. As a result, driver fatigue is one of the leading causes of accidents. The federal government was so worried about the…

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Suing an Insurer for Bad Faith

By | Insurance Companies

Texas law is very clear that an insurer must act reasonably toward its policy holder. Unfortunately, the insurance industry has developed a reputation for sometimes failing to properly settle claims when there is no reasonable ground for doing so. Any search on the Internet will show that insurers often anger…

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How to Deal with an Aggressive Driver

By | Auto Accidents, Car Accidents

Aggressive drivers seem to be everywhere—honking, flashing their lights, tailgating, cutting people off, and basically causing a nuisance to everyone else on the road. Aggressive drivers are also dangerous. They can cause serious car accidents that injure innocent victims, sending some of them to the hospital. If you find yourself…

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Aggressive Driving is a Serious Safety Problem

By | Car Accidents

Dealing with the stress and annoyance of being stuck in traffic or navigating another motorist’s mistake is something that virtually every driver in Austin, TX has dealt with. Unfortunately, some people let their frustration get the best of them—driving aggressively, or even dangerously. The last thing you want is for…

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