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Austin Trucking Accident Lawyers Assisting Texas Residents Injured By A Big Rig

Texas is a hub for economic activity. Our state has thriving industries related to energy, technology, finance, as well as other areas. This large amount of activity means that there are a large number of semi-trucks on the road. Unfortunately, this type of accident can leave the victim seriously injured, as most of us is not driving a vehicle that matches a semi-truck in size or force. Recovering damages in such a situation can be complicated and victims should retain an attorney experienced in such matters. Our Austin trucking accident lawyers handle such matters in Travis County and throughout the state. Call today to speak with one of our attorneys.


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Personal Injury Lawyer Aggressively Representing Austin Residents Who Have Been Harmed By A Tractor-trailer

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The damage suffered in a tractor-trailer accident can be devastating. Such accidents can result in serious injuries such as head trauma, spinal damage, paralysis, or even wrongful death. Cases can become highly complicated as multiple parties may be liable for the accident. First, the driver of the semi-truck can be named as a party if he or she was negligent or reckless. Second, if the truck was owned by someone other than the driver then the owner may be responsible for negligent hiring and negligent supervision. Finally, depending on the circumstances, the person contracting with the truck for delivery may be responsible if they were aware of a dangerous condition. It is crucial that all parties to a lawsuit be determined in order to ensure the greatest possible financial recovery to adequately compensate the victim.

Texas lawsuits involving a trucking accident typically begin by filing a document known as the Petition in either state or federal court. This document names the parties whom the plaintiff is trying to hold accountable, states the reasons why each party is being sued, and states the amount of compensation requested.

The parties will engage in a process known as “discovery” shortly after the Petition is served. This process allows the Plaintiff to gain information, such as employment and driving records, from the other side. If settlement cannot be reached, then the case will proceed to trial. At the close of evidence, a judge or jury will decide which parties are liable and the extent to which they should be required to compensate the Plaintiff.

Dan Christensen is an Austin personal injury lawyer handling trucking accident cases. Once retained, we will take immediate steps to identify all the potentially responsible parties. This will include investigating entities through the Secretary of State and other regulatory agencies. We will then contact the insurance carriers for each defendant so that insurers will deal with us directly. If a settlement cannot be reached, we will not hesitate to quickly file a lawsuit with the appropriate court. We will use the discovery process to determine whether the truck driver has been involved in prior accidents, whether the truck’s owner knowingly put a dangerous driver behind the wheel, and whether the person employing the truck knew it was unsafe. We will ensure that you know what to expect as the case moves through the process and will aggressively defend you at trial. Call today to speak with our attorneys.

Austin Attorneys Providing Exceptional Service In Trucking Accident Cases

We understand that a trucking accident victim has likely been seriously injured. Our firm strives to provide the highest level of service to each and every one of our clients. We respond to phone calls and e-mails within twenty-four hours, regularly provide clients with our cell phone numbers, and make ourselves available to answer your questions. In addition, our truck accident lawyers will explain your case in clear and simple terms. We understand that you are facing a stressful situation and we will take it seriously. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with our attorneys.