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When Trucks Swing Wide, Watch Out!

By | Truck Accidents

Trucking accidents are often catastrophic for the people in the non-truck vehicle. No matter how good your vehicle’s safety rating may be, it is no match for an 80,000-pound tractor trailer. This is why it is critical for all motorists to exercise proper caution when approaching–and especially passing–a semi-truck. Why…

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What Happens to Your Body in an Auto Accident?

By | Car Accidents

You have probably heard someone tell you they got into a car accident and “walked away without a scratch.” Maybe you have even said this yourself following a fender bender. And while it is true that not everyone sustains a serious or life-threatening injury in an accident, even a seemingly…

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About Texas Law & Motorcycle Helmets

By | Motorcycle Accidents

Those who ride motorcycles have different safety issues than the operators of automobiles, SUVs, pickup trucks, and tractor-trailers. Motorcycles are openly exposed to the elements and dangers of the road, unlike other motor vehicles which have a solid layer of metal protecting its passengers. Texas DOT statistics indicate that there…

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Austin’s Most Dangerous Road for Cyclists

By | Bicycle Accidents

A recent report has identified the most dangerous road in Austin for bicyclists: Guadalupe from Cesar Chavez to North Lamar Boulevard. As reported by KVUE ABC, the report looked at the most dangerous areas for bicyclists in cities of over 500,000 people. The five-mile stretch on Guadalupe is certainly busy,…

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