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In Austin, people experience injuries due to accidents every single day. Not only do these accidents cause physical and emotional suffering, but they can also lead to financial hardships. For instance, the CDC estimates that car accident victims will spend over $50,000 in medical bills over their lifetime due to the crash. Medical bills are only one factor in total financial loss after an accident. Lost wages, property damage, and other factors should all be considered when measuring financial loss.

If you or a loved one was injured, it’s essential to get legal help from an experienced personal injury attorney. Our team at DC Law has decades of combined experience representing injured victims, so we’re prepared to assist with your case. Please contact our office to set up a free consultation with an Austin personal injury attorney.


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“Our goal is to help you through the process as quickly and efficiently as possible so you can focus on getting life back on track.”

Car Accident Cases

In 2019, there were 15,605 reported car accidents in Austin, resulting in 91 fatalities and 539 serious injuries. After driving on Austin roads, it’s easy to see why. Distracted drivers, drivers who speed, heavy construction, and congested intersections combine in a recipe for disaster. Austin also has one of the highest percentages of drivers with DUIs compared to other cities nationwide.

Car accidents can cause serious injuries such as lacerations, broken bones, head injuries, and paralysis, or can even cause death. If you’ve been injured in an auto accident, you’ll need legal representation to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve. 

We’re experienced in fighting for victims of:

Other Personal Injury Cases

In addition to motor vehicle collisions, our team also handles many other types of personal injury cases. A personal injury occurs when someone experiences harm at the hands of another’s negligence. If someone’s negligent action caused you harm, they should be held accountable.

Our lawyers help fight for the victims of:

Our Austin Lawyers

Our skilled personal injury lawyers have decades of combined experience, leading to high success rates for our clients’ cases. We also have Spanish-speaking attorneys, legal assistants, and customer service representatives to ensure that you receive the best service, whether it be in Spanish or English.

Client Victories

DC Law has a long history of client success. See how we’ve helped our clients recover compensation.

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How DC Law Can Help the People of Austin Receive Maximum Compensation

It’s common to seek monetary damages after being injured. You can do this by filing a claim with an insurance company. However, insurers are notoriously difficult to deal with in the claims process, so it’s common for an insurance company to deny your claim or offer a lowball amount to settle. If the insurer won’t agree to a reasonable amount, you may have to file a lawsuit in court.

Whether we’re negotiating with an insurer or advocating for you in court, our team will fight to get the compensation you deserve. You may be entitled to:

  • Medical costs
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Scarring and disfigurement
  • Losses based upon how your injuries affect your relationships with your spouse, children, and other loved ones.
  • Losses based on wrongful death

We will begin work immediately after you retain our office. We will quickly contact the insurance carriers so that they will deal with us directly, so you can focus on the business of life and regaining your health.

Our Austin Personal Injury Attorneys Can Help

For more information about your legal options, please contact DC Law to schedule a free case evaluation with an Austin personal injury lawyer. You can reach our firm by calling 512-888-9999. We will review the details of your case and explain your options to recover compensation.

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